This project began as my first ICA project from my first year. After being given the task of designing a game around a 90s movie. My choice was Scream as I believed there was great potential for a Co-Op based game.
The aim of this project was to introduce us to game design and to create a design from a solid base. I did research about the genre and the movie more as I hadn’t seen it at the time and wanted to create as good a representation as I could of the source material. I also used my knowledge of photoshop and art to create diagrams and GIFs to ensure my ideas are easily understood by anyone who views it.

Below I have included a pdf. file of the PowerPoint I had created showing my design process.

First Year Game Design Powerpoint

My first year project also included some UI elements in my designs which I enjoyed creating and found a passion for it. Although my ideas were mostly for a game that wouldn’t be created so I was able to go beyond a doable scope I used that initial idea to form the basis for an idea I’ve kept and continued to improve upon.

In my second year I had an ICA focused around UI and I wanted to use my idea as the starting point and build around it as I also love the aesthetic of 90s slasher movies.

My research was more in depth during this project expanding my research into more focused areas such as the colour theme that would most suit my work as and a larger focus on movies of the same genre and theme as I had initially used for my first project.

I developed a prototype of the UI using the Unreal Engine 4 system and created each of the assets myself. focusing on a VHS tape theme mimicking static lines that would occur when viewing a movie and a similar font style to those used on VHS systems.

Second Year UI and Prototype Powerpoint

Below is a video demonstration of the UI system I had created.

Thank you.

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