For my final year project, I have decided to explore programming in C++, using the Vulkan Graphics API. I have been interested in both technologies, and I decided to explore them by creating a Minecraft clone.

The project’s source code is available on my GitHub.

I started the project by learning and implementing the Vulkan Graphics API. The simple goal at that time was to create simple block, which due to the nature of Vulkan API has required a lot of setup. Once I had one block working, I expanded it to chunks, like how Minecraft generates world, however I also have allowed chunks to stack horizontally too, which eliminates building limit. The chunks were then treated similarly to blocks to create a world.


Once I had simple world, I worked on camera and character movement, as well as worked on world generation. This process was accompanied by multiple performance improvements and bug fixes. The project was created using Linux; however, I plan to adapt it to work on Windows once I finish working on my other university modules. Additionally, I am planning to add more features and improvements to the look of the world and performance in my free time.


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