Final Year Project:

For my final year project I created a bloodthirsty live action short film focusing on compositing in digital assets, showcasing many of the skills I have learnt whilst being at university such as tracking and rotoscoping , but also learning new skills like rope clean up and developing on my projection mapping skills. My film was greatly inspired by films like Terminator with the POV overlay effects and John Wick with the exciting action.

VFX Compositing Show reel:

Throughout my time at University I have had the opportunity to learn new skills and develop them through the years. This show reel showcases the highlights from previous projects. Showcasing all the skills I have learnt and aim to carry on developing. This show reel is my most up to date work with some shots having been tweaked since producing the films.

3rd Year Group Project “WANTED”:

For our 3rd year group project we created an animated short film in the style of a western called ‘WANTEDd’ which was about a man who is robbing a saloon and is getting chased out of town by law men. I was the director and was responsible for anything that wasn’t animated or rigged, such as the texturing, lighting and rendering but my main focus was the VFX and specifically compositing. I was able to greatly develop my skills with matte painting and sky replacement as well as FX simulations. With this animated project I aimed to showcase my skills in full CG.

WANTED VFX Breakdown:

This is my individual contribution to the group project where we created a western animation. My main focus was compositing however throughout the project I found myself generalizing by creating all the simulations, texturing and all FX work.

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