This year I have spent my time expanding my knowledge all around. This brought me to my final year project. For this project, I decided to create two shots that explored different techniques and software with a common theme of nature. When looking for reference I settled on two shots I wanted to imitate, a lavender field and growing mushrooms. This fit in well aesthetically and my own personal interests aligned nicely. Prior to this, I have worked on two short films in groups over the past two years. All of these feature within my showreel below. I have had an incredible experience working on these pieces and am really happy to show them to you all.

As I mentioned above my final year project was based around shots to do with nature. I picked the two shots based on reference footage I found and liked in the BBC motion gallery. I kept track of iterations I made on both the shots to show my progress through the project,  you can see these below. I also made a breakdown of the two shots that you can also see below.

This first video and image set gives a bit more detail on the shot’s creation and my workflow through the project. This shot was made using a few different software including; Maya, Houdini, and Substance Painter. It was then rendered with Mantra.

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These are my progression log images and my shot breakdown for the lavender shot. Similar to the last shot this use the same software but was also then composited in nuke. While this shot had fewer elements to deal with it posed more technical problems I had to work around, mainly problems caused by the density of the lavender. Regardless I enjoyed the challenge and I think the outcome was fairly successful.

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Short film production was a group project unit that I was given the privilege of directing. Unfortunately, due to covid, we were not able to make a short to the scale of what we wanted however everyone on the project pushed through and I’m really pleased with the outcome. As well as directing I created the entire bedroom scene including lighting and simulated the clothing for all of the 3D shots. Below I will link the full short film and the breakdown of what I contributed to the film.

This is the short film we produced.

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