This virtual penetration testing lab that I built for my final year project was designed in the graphical Network Simulator (GNS3) that linked to virtual machines hosted on VirtualBox. The target audience for the project was final year college students. The audience dictated that  the lab has to be secure for testing and follow the industry practiced zero entry penetration testing methodology with guided instructions on how to perform security auditing tests. The labs aim was to teach students the basic skills and tools used for IT system security.

I chose this project because I feel the need to understand IT security, or at least how to be secure in cyberspace is relevant to businesses big and small.

The background research in this area helped me formulate the project in a bid to address the growing need for cybersecurity professionals.

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The clip below is taken from the full demonstration of the virtual lab. The clip shows the use of Kali Linux initiating a password cracking attempt on the target machine. This is just one step in the penetration testing process to gain full access to the target.

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