This short film, Waves, draws upon all my favourite aspects of films – character animation, VFX simulation and storytelling. The film includes character animation, water/beach simulation, fire simulation, as well as effective cinematography and visuals.


The story of the film is of a girl, Luna, who’s dream has come true. Luna and her Mother had always dreamt of moving away from the big, bustling city to a beautiful, calm tropical island. Unfortunately, Luna’s Mother passed away before they were able to make it. Determined to see it through, Luna makes it to their dream destination, in all its beauty. Her Mother will always be there to look over her.

Throughout this project, I’ve gained skills in character animation and rendering (Arnold) in Maya, as well as how to incorporate effects from Houdini into Maya. I’ve also gained Houdini skills in pyro effects, flip tanks and particle systems. This project has allowed me to produce more realistic effects and animation, and I’m keen to keep developing these skills. I also worked a lot on the cinematography and storytelling, since it would be hard to make a clear story in less than a minute of film. Working on this project as an individual accumulated a lot of hurdles, more than anticipated! However, I’m proud to say I got over them.



Below is a video in which I show more detail and insight into the elements of ‘Waves’. One thing which changed a lot from the beginning to the end of my project was the shot cameras. Take a look at the video to see this and much more!

Below is a slideshow of rendered images from each shot of my film.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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